Thread the Sling

Thread the tail through the two rings, back over the second ring and through the first  ring. Form a “ring buckle”. 

Pass sling over your head and rest the shoulder pad on your shoulder.  Rings should be at the corsage position.

Hip Carry

With her legs snuggling  around your hip, it’s the most used  position during all the baby carrying years, especially for toddler. Be sure the  weight is borne on your hip and waist,not below.

Craddle Carry

Fold a pocket , put  the baby’s full body in.  Rest her head on the  outside rail so she doesn't  get chin-chest crunched.  Newborns love to be  “swaddled” in a sling.

To place baby in horizontal position to sleep or nurse,loosen the tail to make plenty of room in the pouch where the baby lies. Make  sure the rings stay high on the chest. Position the baby's head away from the rings. Pull fabric up for discreet nursing or to shade your baby's eyes from sun or to shield her from cold wind.

CPSIA warning about possible suffocation


Tummy to Tummy

infants can put legs in the pouch. Lite-onShoulder’s “pouch seat”  design provides a perfect  grip for the baby’s thighs.  Lots of times moms also  found this position  facilitate improvised  nursing. 

Kangaroo Carry

To sit your baby facing forward, form a pocket shape, then cross  baby's legs to sit down  in pouch. Your baby's  head rests against the  center of your chest and  she should ride at your  waist or higher. 

Football Hold

This is a nursing position for the early months. In a cradle hold position, simply shift baby to one side under the arm. Adjust tightness and help latch-on. This position can help baby to suck better and maintain proper latch-on longer. 


Saddle Ride is the  ultimate slip proof position for squirmy  toddlers.Bring the baby  up and split legs over the  fabrics to drop in as if  ridding on saddle. Spread the fabric out so  his weight will be sitting  on the whole swath of  fabric by the hips and  thighs . Make sure to secure her back with  one arm . 


Double up-WITH 2 SLINGS

If you own 2 slings , a sling duo makes slinging even easier.  Cradle carry demo see here

To Adjust and to Take it Off

To adjust the sling to a  tighter position or to take it off, lift the baby with one hand to  "unlock" the "rings buckle" and  pull down on tail with the other hand. To loose the sling, lift up on bottom of upper ring and pull down on pouch portion with other hand. Rings buckle up the tail when two rings are in a parallel position. Buckle comes loose when you angle two rings. 

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