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Lite-on-Shoulder™ baby slings are rings slings incorporating pouch features,which come in open tail and closed tail versions.

Pouch/Ring(Hybrid) Sling Features:

The uniquely curved pouch seat design of the Lite-on-Shoulder™ Baby Sling Carrier makes a deep pocket which allows for a more comfortable fit for baby and a better "grip" on baby's legs. Most moms find it with less slipping problem for squirmy babies.

Long tail ensures more security. Close-end tail is folded and sewn for easy adjustment and a neat looking appearance. open-end tail provides more flexible adjustability. See here for how to choose the right type for you

using Baby Sling Carrier as Baby Leash

Lite-on-Shoulder™ baby Sling is made of quality 100% cotton fabrics that is STYLISH and durable. All fabrics are light weight and breathable.

Lite-on-Shoulder™ spreads out 28 inches wide,the measurement that we found providing the right amount of fabric for all holding positions and yet not bundled up. Each sling weighs about 9 oz,and is compact enough to pack away in diaper bag.

Lightly padded railings provide right amount of cushioning for baby's tender thighs, with no sharp edge cutting into flesh. Unlike heavily padded baby sling, lite-on-shoulder™ sling has no overheating problem for baby and mother which is perfect for hot weather.The thin paddings can also thread thru the rings without obstructing the adjustment of the sling.Shoulder pad distributes weight through torso and avoids straining the neck . Also thin layer of paddings on the railings and shoulder give shape to the the sling.

Metal rings are Die-cut zinc alloy galvanized with the same material. There is no welding point that could pose a potential danger of breaking

Lite-on-shoulder™ baby sling is adjustable, affordable, easy to use, is the sling to start with and live on thru years.

Lite-on-shoulder™ slings can also be used for kids from newborns to toddlers. Baby sling is perfect for nursing and napping , A sleeping baby in a sling can easily be transferred to another person, car seat or bed without disruption. It also can be used with a toddler to help carrying him on the hip, and even a mini walker,toddler leash,a Sling Duo(a pair of slings) to carry bigger baby in the "wrap" way... as versatile as your imagination can reach!

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Carry Infant in a safe way

Using slings the wrong way can be dangerous for small infants. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's warning(CPSC) issued this timely warning on March 12, 2010.
right way to carry infant in a sling